Semi-turn-based movement

Step by step, destroy your adversaries. Between real-time and turn-based combat, Dragon Awaken travels on a firm middle ground. You can choose which battle mechanics to use while some are automated.

In this way, Dragon Awaken makes the gameplay easier overall while still allowing you to choose how the many encounters play out by making decisions that have a deeper meaning

In addition, the action is supported by decently designed scenes and great aesthetics, which serve as the stage for your virtual trip.

The Bottom Line

Voici what we think. Our initial impressions of Dragon Awaken were favourable based on what we have seen so far. Though the gameplay as a whole isn't very novel, the game as a whole stands out as a strong competitor among other MMORPGs of a similar nature. 

We got to the conclusion that, while the entire dragon thing is a lovely little addition, players who are seeking for a long-term relationship with Dragon Awaken will benefit the most from it given the number of tamable creatures and the mount-system. Regardless of whether you've dealt with dragons before or not, this game is unquestionably worthwhile to try

Dragon Awaken

Your world is under attack in an MMORPG. An ancient dragon has awoken from a protracted nap, and he intends to take over the planet you call home. This is the plot of Dragon Awaken, a brand-new MMORPG that will soon be available in your local browser for free. It's a fantastic fantasy MMOPRG with beautiful dragons and fantastical battles! We had a chance to test it out beforehand, and below is our report.

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