Art of Photography

June 13, 2021

Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light, either electronically using an image sensor, or chemically using a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.Photography as an art arose from advancements in technology that allowed photographers to manipulate their images to fit their artistic expression. Photographers can drastically change the outcome of an image by choosing various cameras, lenses, film, and the framing and timing of a shot.

Types of Elements: The main elements that bring and emphasize the order in a composition are: line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color. Every picture taken contains one or more of these elements, which are known as the 5 elements of photography. To make striking photos, we have to move away from the convention and look at ordinary scenes in an extraordinary view. It does not have to be overly edited nor filtered. Today, we will look at the elements of photography that can turn a simple subject into a breathtaking one.

Some elements to consider in photography

Photography nowadays: If you have some creative photography skills, you might want to open your own business. You are not alone in wanting to turn your creative outlet into a money making venture. Photography is a popular profession and hobby right now, mainly becauce camera gear has become more affordable and consumer-friendly, and almost every smartphone now features a great camera. But, that doesn’t mean you should toss your dreams of owning a photography business aside. It just means you may have to work a little harder to set yourself apart from the flock of amateur shooters. Photography is a good career if you are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.

Types of Photography: There are seven types of Photography styles.

  • Portrait Photography – The most common photography style, portrait photography, or portraiture, aims to capture the personality and mood of an individual or group. Images may be candid or posed full body or close-ups. Either way, the subject’s face, and eyes are typically in focus. The best portrait photographers make clients feel completely comfortable so that their expressions are natural and relaxed.
  • Fashion Photography– The aim here is to make fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories more desirable to consumers. It is commonly published in magazines and outlet websites. People may choose this niche over different types of photography because of the opportunity to be highly creative in making photographs eye-catching and appealing. Fashion photographers take many full-body shots and work in an array of locations, from fashion shows to studios, with full lighting setups to city streets and open fields.
  • Sports Photography– Catching athletes, coaches, and even fans at the perfect moment, sports photographs can depict the passion, drama, and emotion that fuels sporting events. Sports photographers must aim and shoot quickly to keep up with the action around them, and it’s best practice to use a higher ISO to shoot at a faster shutter speed. Sports photographers also usually use long, heavy lenses for zooming in on the action.
  • Editorial Photography – Editorial photography is taken to illustrate a story or article, typically for a magazine or newspaper. The subject of editorial photography can vary widely and is entirely dependent on the topic of the text it accompanies. Generally, for editorial photography, you’ll want to get shots that work for a variety of layouts, including horizontal and vertical compositions.
  • Architectural Photography– the interior and exterior design of buildings and structures are the subjects of architectural photography. From warehouses to city bridges to old country barns, this category encompasses diverse structures. Often, the photograph displays the structure’s most aesthetically pleasing parts, such as a particular beam or archway. Interesting materials and colors may also be emphasized.
  • Photo journalism-One of the toughest job is a photojournalist. Photojournalism should be as objective and truthful as possible and capturing candid moments as they happen is more important than getting picture-perfect shots. Generally, photojournalists attend planned events with the hope of capturing unplanned, unscripted moments. Their work is routinely published in magazines and newspapers.
  • Still Photography – Still life photography features inanimate objects natural or manmade. Still, life photography can be artistic or commercial. It is commonly used in stock photography as well as product advertising (Think of the product images shown in catalogs, magazines, and billboards). For still-life photographers, object selection, arrangement, and lighting are key to getting a great shot.

The Shot of moments: Photography is considered an art and multiple museums and galleries are exhibiting photographic work.Photography is an integral part of life. It is a medium that transfers us metaphorically to the past and helps us relive those moments. It tangibly preserves our memories, helps us identify ourselves, and serves as a vital source of evidence. Photography enables many institutions to thrive much more efficiently today.

The person who took the first photograph: The earliest known photograph of a human appeared in a snapshot taken in 1838 by Louis Daguerre. The image had the first recognizable human form to have ever been captured on camera. In the early 1940s, photography had officially become an art form in the United States, and it soon received the same consideration in Europe and beyond.

Photography should be treated with the same respect as painting, sculpture, and the other well-known forms of art.

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