Benifits of Meditation

June 10, 2021

People often become depressed or disturbed when they are out of their comfort zone, issues such as work related stress or family disputes severely affects ones efficiency. Depressed and disturbed mindset takes away ones concentration. In order to bring the focus back one has to train his mind with meditation.

Meditation: What is Meditation? 

Meditation is a method of breathing in and out, deeply than the usual pattern. It is known as an exercise of the mind. In our everyday life, we become busy with daily activities, we do not have enough time to concentrate on our bodies, which in the long run becomes harmful to our health and mind. Many times the stresses of daily life make our mind paralyze with monotony.

In this case, we need some break from our regular life and focus on our mind to make it more cheerful and active, 10 to 15 minutes of Meditation per day is the method to fix all of these problems for good.

Some of the Benifits of Meditation

How Does It Make Mind Fresh and Calm? How does It work?

We receive oxygen when we inhale air from the environment. On the contrary, we release carbon dioxide when we breathe out. In the meditation process, it is necessary to breathe deep and feel our lungs with oxygen. When we breath deep, our body takes in more oxygen and releases more carbon dioxide from our body. This excess oxygen mixes with our blood hemoglobin at the time of respiration. And this purified blood flows all over the body in a very short time and the tension decreases as usual and the body becomes relaxed.

In short, we can say that Meditation is a kind of mental and ancient exercise. It is a modern, scientific and simple technique to maintain the connection among our body, mind, and brain. Through meditation, we can keep concentrating on the mind. We can keep ourselves away from the hundreds of problems of daily life for a certain moment. It reminds us of peace in the body and mind. This process gradually increases the mind’s concentration on work and also helps to restore self-confidence.

Why Do You Need to Do Meditation? Benefits of Meditation

As meditation brings peace of mind and relieves tension, it is seen as a process which is very beneficial for the human body. It is known as the best and beneficial medicine for the brain. Now we will know some beneficial sides of meditation:

  • Firstly, we all know that there are many types of complications in our body that are caused by tension. These problems are called psychophysical complexities. Meditation can reduce tension and in turn reduce the complications.
  • Secondly, meditation helps a man to take the proper decisions at the right time. Meditation increases the capacity for blood circulation of the body. For this, our brain gets more oxygen to make the right decisions.
  • Thirdly, as a student, you can increase your concentration on your studies through meditation. In a study in Texas, researchers studied 300 students for six months. Among these students, a half were asked to lead a normal life while the other were asked to practice meditation. After six months, they note that students who meditated every day were more careful in their studies. They were also active in their regular activities.
  • Meditation is a very important habit in medical science. As meditation increases the amount of oxygen level in the blood, different types of skin problems gets resolved by its own. Meditation also helps to reduce migraines, insomnia, sinusitis, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and many other problems.
  • Meditation helps a man to increase his tolerance and patience level. This exercise is a good medium to maintain inner peace. For this reason, the people who practice it can keep their brain cool in any type of emergencies.
  • Meditation teaches us how to control the emotion. By controlling the emotions one can control his anger. It is a good sign to live with harmony in society. One can also handle any quarrelsome situations.
  • Meditation help us think realistic. The person is always real in the present situation to handle the problems. They can prosper in life. These types of people are more energetic and industrious in today’s life.

There are a huge number of good sides to meditation that cannot de explained by words. Our brain and mind drive our body where to go and where not to. And meditation is the process to link up a bridge among the body and mind. So meditation is necessary for all.

How to Do It? What is the Process of Meditation?

Meditation is not a hard task to accomplish. You need to choose a calm and quiet place to do it. Generally, early morning is the best time to meditate. But if possible, you need a sound-less place and to do it properly. After that, you need to be in a sitted position. Yes, this is a very important part of mediation. Many of us are confused about the right position for meditation. Some people think that the Lotus position or “Padmasana” is the most beneficial for meditation. Some people think that meditation can be done by sitting in a comfortable place like a bed or sofa or sitting in any suitable seat. However, the most common seat for meditation is “Padmasana”. But you need to note that your body is in a straight position.

After sitting, take a deep breath and hold it in you for 10 seconds. Then release it within 5 seconds. Keep your hands straight and body relaxed. Continue this process for several times at least for 5 to 10 minutes. You can practice meditation with regular exercise time. Introduce meditation in your daily routine and notice the difference in your life soon.

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