Climate Change – Is it an important issue?

June 3, 2021

Global climate change is the most discussing and alarming issue at this moment across the world. Our environment is now at the threat of a new type of pollution due to the effect of climate change. There are a lot of impacts of Climate Change in day to day life of the people of the whole world. Climate change has had a devastating effect on human life today. This alarming problem has also impacted the nature of our environment and the livelihoods of different species of animals.

What is Climate Change? Why does this happen?

Global warming usually refers to the unusual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere around the whole world. Its detrimental effects, mainly due to deforestation and increased machines and vehicles, are damaging the ozone layer in the atmosphere, causing sunlight to fall directly on the earth’s surface. 

On the other hand, there are many different types of greenhouse gasses including carbon-di-oxide, CFC, Carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, burning of fossil fuels, etc. that forms a layer around the atmosphere. As a result, the reflected heat of the earth cannot penetrate the mantle and go out of the atmosphere. This causes the temperature of the environment is gradually increase day by day. This is the main reason for climate change.

Again, with the development of civilization and urbanization, people are cutting down more and more trees and destroying the environment. As a result of indiscriminate deforestation, many of the animals are losing their habitat. Owing to this, many animals are getting lost in nature today. The nature is gradually losing the ecosystem which can ultimately lead to its collapse, and when that happens it will be almost impossible for people to survive on earth. 

Consequence Global warming

Impacts of Climate Changes

The impacts of Climate Change are too many to be described in this article. Its effect is very devastating, destructive and dangerous to the existent of the animal including human being. Global climate change affects our agriculture, economic system, forest, sea level, health, economics, ecosystem, and also the livelihood of us.

A review of statistics over the past few decades has shown that the Earth’s surface temperature has risen by about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. As a result, the ice in the polar region of the earth is slowly melting, causing the sea level to rise by about 10 to 15 centimeters.

Again the lowlands of the earth are slowly being flooded due to the rise in sea level. It is known from various theories and surveys given by environmentalists, within the next 50 years, almost all the lower lands of the world will be submerged. A lot of terrestrial animals, including humans, will lose their habitat. Again the water is being polluted due to the mixing of seawater with fresh water. As a result, people and other animals are suffering from a lack of safe water. 

Various types of harmful effects of global warming are also affecting the human body. The erosion of the ionosphere is caused by gamma rays falling directly from the sun onto the earth’s surface, causing skin cancers as well as various skin diseases in the human body. 

Again, due to climate change, unseasonal rains or heavy rains or too much hot weather in summer or severe cold in winter are being noticed. 

Different Natural Calamities for Climate Change

Climate change is causing various natural disasters in the environment. Very frequent low air pressure causes the tidal waves or cyclones in the oceans. The temperature of the environment is rising due to excessive cutting of plants. As a result, we are often experiencing intense heatstroke of natural calamities.

Even frequent and small earthquakes are often caused by climate change. Even drought and uncontrolled floods are being created. Landslides are often take place due to the indiscriminate cutting down of trees and owing to this a lot of people are losing their valuable lives.

Cure & Prevention of This Problem

An effective response to climate change challenges is striking a balance between navigation and adoption. Necessary steps should be taken to save human as well as the animal also from this natural calamity. People should be encouraged to plant trees more instead of cutting down trees indiscriminately. It is the responsibility of human beings to prevent the environment from being extinct.

To make our life healthy, comfortable, and danger-free, we should keep the environment clean and safe from all kinds of pollution. Mills, factories, and brickfields should be set up in a planned way. Old vehicles should be brought under control so that they may not be able to produce deafening sounds and emit black smoke.

Climate is an essential element of our environment and people are directly dependent on it. If this important element of the environment is affected badly in any way, then all of us will be in danger. So we have to protect this element of the environment in our own interest.

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