Diabetes – A Short Self-awareness

June 12, 2021

Today diabetes is a common issue and alarming disease in the world. Nowadays one in ten people are found to have diabetes. Diabetes is a medical problem that cannot be cured. At present, about 475 million people are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes has no age limitations. However, this is a matter of joy that if we maintain certain rules and regulations in our regular life, it is possible to prevent the disease.

What is Diabetes? What Causes are Responsible for This Disease?

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a hormonal disease, which occur because of the shortage of insulin hormone. Usually, after food intake, our body breaks down its sugar and converts into glucose. The “insulin” hormone is generated in the pancreas. This hormone directs the tissue in our body to absorb glucose. This glucose is the main power or energy for the body for daily moves. If the pancreas cannot make enough insulin, then our blood absorbs all the extra glucose. And this causes ‘diabetes’.

When the pancreas cannot supply enough insulin for any complexities of body, the amount of this extra sugar in our blood increases. On the contrary, we all know that our kidneys play a vital role to purify blood and polluted substances. The glomerular filtrate is a phase of the kidney’s blood purification. The glomerulus fails to filtrate the extra sugar of blood which is released out of the body with urine. This leads to complications associated with diabetes.

Some common Symptoms of Diabetes

Some Other Reasons of Diabetes

There are some other major reasons for the complexities of diabetes. Behind some of these reasons, our negligence is mainly responsible. We can easily prevent or manage this disease by learning more about it.

1. Chronic pancreatitis for a long time is a severe cause of diabetes. Sometimes, it is caused for steroid types of medicines.

2. Diabetes is part of an endocrine health problem like cystic fibrosis or PCOS or any other health problem or Cushing’s syndrome.

3. Excessive stress is another main reason for type 2 diabetes. Family complications, high work pressure can raise blood sugar levels.

4. If we don’t get enough sleep after our daily work, our diabetes level will increase. According to the National Sleep Foundation, less amount of sleep raises blood sugar levels and causes diabetes. For this reason, to control diabetes, everyone should get enough sleep regularly.

5. Late night Dinner and overeating habits in dinner are responsible for diabetes. It has been shown in many research that eating more at night and going to bed immediately after dinner raises blood sugar levels.

6. Excess eating of sweet foods, Chinese dishes, fast or junk foods, cold and soft drinks, which have a lot of sodium, dissolves sugar, carbohydrates, fats, and calories. All of these elements increase the blood sugar level.

7. Less body movement or not doing enough physical exercise is the most important cause of diabetes. 

Symptoms of Diabetes | How Will You Know That You Have Diabetes?

The normal amount of glucose in human blood is usually 3.3 to 6.9 mmol/l and after eating it is <9 mmol/l. If the amount of glucose is 6 mmol/l at fasting and >11 mmol/l after meals, then person is considered to have diabetes.

We can identify diabetics through blood tests. Diabetes can sometimes be identified by diagnosing the level of sugar in the urine. But there are also some physical symptoms for getting a previous doubt of diabetes. Such as-

1. Frequent urination.

2. Get thirsty several times in a short break.

3. Frequent hunger.

4. Feeling exhausted or tired by a little bit of work.

5. Blurred vision or decreasing the power of eye vision.

6. Bleeding from body does to stop easily. Cut areas takes long to heal.

7. Weight loss problem despite enough eating.

8. Pain in limbs or sometimes feels like paralyzed. 

Precaution and Prevention of Diabetes

Currently, scientists have found two types of diabetes. They are Type-1 and Type-2. Although the true cause of type-1 diabetes is known, the cause of type-2 diabetes is still now unknown. In the cases of women, the third type of diabetes occurs during pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes. There are some common precaution and prevention systems for all types of diabetes.

“DDD” (Diet Disciplined Drug) is the mechanism to control this problem:

D for Diet:

A healthy and timely diet is essential to control diabetes. Patients with diabetes should eat more fiber-enriched foods, including vegetables. They should avoid extra spicy and junk food. People with diabetes always have to eat at mealtime. So they have to practice eating at certain times. Again they need to eat a sufficient amount of healthy foods. They must avoid sweets and extra sugar in drinks like tea, coffee, or juice.

D for Disciplined Life:

1. Physical activity and exercise is the best remedy for diabetes. Try to build up the habit of physical exercise regularly.

2. There is no substitute for reducing stress to control diabetes. If you are under a lot of stress, take a short walk or take a deep breath and slowly release it and try to do it constantly. In short, you can do meditation regularly to control diabetes.

3. Appropriate amount of sleep is required.

D for Drug:

People with diabetes naturally have other complications. So it is best to take medicine according to the doctor’s prescription for any problem of the body. They should be careful when taking different types of steroids or aspirin-type drugs. Again, it is often seen that the amount of blood sugar in diabetic patients becomes nil. This can lead to death. So it is important to be very careful when taking any kind of medicine.

Although diabetes is not a fatal disease. It can be kept in control for a lifetime by taking care of yourself and some precautions. It is possible to stay away from this disease by raising awareness to own self as well as among others.

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