Embrace Digital Transformation

May 29, 2021

The world is currently driven by information, which is produced from data. The internet has played an important role in generating data from which information is derived. The internet can be thought of as a fuel which drives information and data generation. 

Our life is strongly influenced by data. Every time we use the internet, data of our activities is constantly being collected. The anonymous data collection often aims to enhance our user experience on the internet. A most common example that enhances our user experience is a recommendation based on our historical trend. The following points summarises some of the common recommendation system that we use on a daily basis:

  • Our famous video streaming site (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc.) always recommends us with what to watch, which is tailored what could be a good fit to our historical trends.
  • The social media platform we use (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) never ceases to amaze us with recommendation of activities, advertisements, events etc. The platform identifies our historical trends and preferences based on our previous experiences.
  • When we type a word or two in email or search engines it recommends us the part of some sentences which could fit that word.  

Apart from the internet, the consolidated data from the past and present is helping science and technology to propel faster towards development. If we look at the positive side of the spectrum (i.e. without considering information/data collection breaches), the data and information-driven systems are helping us lead a better life. A faster technological growth as a result of information is fostering our economy. We are being able to take actions automatically without having to consider the previous experiences manually. Despite the current success of data-driven solutions, some of us haven’t yet found a way to find comfort in it. In order to take advantage of the recent technology, we must embrace digital transformation, accept the importance of data, how we can use it for our benefit and recognize the fact that the technological solution exists to ease our life. 

A way towards Digital Transformation

In order achieve digital transformation, we first need to understand how to use the state of the art technology. In these article, we highlighted the following areas, by which we could take a step forward to change ourselves digitally:

  • Allocate a fixed amount of time on a daily basis to educate about the state of the art digital technology. It doesn’t have to be several hours on a daily basis, it can just be as little as 15-20 minutes per day.
  • Define what is sensitive data (e.g. your debit card password) and store it securely. The rest of the data that are useful but not sensitive can be categorized and uploaded in respective online platforms, focusing in our areas of interest (job banks, travel sites). This would help us achieve information about relevant offers on a daily basis without having gathered the information ourselves.
  • Carry out your business activities digitally. Make an effort to create a website of your business and services, as much as possible portray your product data publically, this better would educate the customers of your existence in the market. Advertising your business digitally on social media platform. The aim should be to sell your product or services in an online platform. 
  • Subscribe to online drive and keep digital records of your health and other important documents in it. Keep on updating the drive with recent developments and build a data base of medical history. This can help you deliver an updated historical information to the concerned body (e.g. your Doctor). This point is particularly useful in underdeveloped countries, where the healthcare system does not build and store medical history of their patients.
  • Use digital tool such as Google calendar to plan your task ahead of the week. The digital tools are very useful as it can be accessed from anywhere by using your phone. Share your schedule with others so that they can incorporate you (when you are available) in their plan.
  • Make an effort to make online transaction (where possible) to avoid going to the financial institution. Opt for online services (e.g. to pay bills). If it works for you, work remotely. 

This article reflects how the world is driven by information and data. The internet is facilitating a faster generation of data which is used to enhance our experiences. The article discusses the importance and advantage of a digital world and suggests that we can take advantage of new technologies by embracing digital transformation. Finally, the article lays down some foundation, which we can practice to begin our journey towards digital transformation.

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