Evolution of Computers

June 5, 2021

In this era computers play an important role in enhancing the field of science and technology. However, the computer we see today is not like the ones at the beginning. Thanks to the numerous Research and Development work, the computer today have become very user friendly. In this article, we will highlight how the computers have been made so advanced and all its benefits.

What is a Computer? How It Originated?

A computer is a device that was used only for computing but now its use is almost immense. It performs tasks based on information provided by the computer user. This device is also can perform arithmetic calculations very quickly by following precise instructions. The word computer has come from the Greek word “compute” that’s means to calculate different types of mathematical terms. However, today’s computer is not limited to one work. Its use is far-reaching.

The startups of the earliest computers were centered on an ancient device called the Abacus. In 1616, John Napier, a Scottish mathematician, used print marks or dashes pointer in the calculations system. Later, in 1642, the French scientist Blaise Pascal made the world astonished by inventing the first mechanical calculator on the earth. Only the work of addition and subtraction could be done with his invented calculator.

In 1671, Gottfried von Leibniz, the German mathematician, developed a more advanced mechanical calculator that was capable of multiplication and division using wheels and rods based on Pascal’s calculators. This calculator was called “Reechoing Machine”. In the early nineteenth century, people began to try to invent a device that could perform mathematical calculations without any help from artificial intelligence. And Charles Babbage was the first scientist who succeeded in this work and invented the new device named Difference Engine.

After the invention of the Difference Engine, he began to think of inventing a more advanced device called the Analytical Engine. But Charles Babbage could not complete his tasks because of the lack ness of instruments and money. Despite Alan Turing’s theoretical and later practical research, the real beginnings of computer science started to flourish from the middle of the twentieth century. From then on, the idea of the modern computer started evolving.

A tabulating machine at 1908.

The Evolution of Modern Computers

The journey of the modern computer began in 1971 with the invention of the first microprocessor. Most of the computers that emerged in the late nineteenth century were super and mainframe computers that were about the size of a three-storied building. But with the advent of the microprocessor, the size of the computer began to shrink, and now the size is reduced so much that we can keep personal computers in our homes and work on them very easily.

However, the first personal computer made by IBM came on the market in 1981. All of these new computers were built with microprocessors. These microprocessor-based computers made working much easier and better. From then on, the effort to make the computer further developed began. Meanwhile, along with IBM, Apple started to introduce the computers in the market.

With the massive production of computers, its value began to decline and its use increased rapidly. Since then the microprocessor has been more improved and at the same time, the size of the computer has been gradually reduced. As a result, we are now getting many types of computers such as desktops, laptops, notebooks, tab, etc.

Advantages of Modern Computer

Computer technology has had a significant impact on the education system. The computer is one of the most widely used devices in the world today. And the biggest reason for this widespread use is mainly its benefits. The computers are used in every sector around the whole world. One cannot explain all of their advantages in words. We just briefly highlight some of the areas where they are used:

1. Every field uses computer. This device allows you to make calculations, store data, and present any data. So scientists use powerful computers in their research.

2. You can store a lot of information on the computer. Big companies store their marketing information on computers. Even computerized to keep customers’ sensitive information secure.

3. A big part of the benefits of computers is the Internet. The internet is a powerful medium in the modern era. This technology allows you to connect with every place in the world. One can video chat with friends and relatives abroad via the Internet. You can also make a net search, movies, and games, etc. by using this system. This is considered to be the greatest computer advantage.

4. Eighty percent of the world’s people use computers to trade online. They are using computers and the internet to buy and sell their products. Doing business online is now much easier as well as time-saving. Many websites offer discounts for their customers. As a result, people are more inclined towards online shopping.

5. Computers have brought many benefits to students in their studies. Fifty percent of people in the world now acquire educational knowledge from websites. Currently, educational courses can be completed online even during the Corona epidemic.

6. Computer plays an important role in various therapies, including diagnostics, patient data storage, medical research, medicine selection, medical management, and online medical care.

Rather by using computers the scientists control the spaceships properly. So we depend on computers largely. Again these computers are used in every sector around the whole world. One cannot explain all the advantages in words.

The computer is a great blessing to this new era. In fact, we have become almost completely dependent on computers. Computers have advantages and disadvantages at the same time. But it depends entirely on us, how we use this technology! So we should all use this technology with the proper awareness.

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