Evolution of Mobile Phones

May 29, 2021

Many people wonder whether science is a blessing or a curse. Since the era of civilization, men have followed some rules to live with each other. At that time, they did not know how to talk, build, cook, or do anything in an organized way, like now. When they discovered how to light fires, the triumph of science began. In the early civilization, men were not very efficient for connecting with each other. For making long distance communication, they used pigeons and letters, in some cases delivered the message by foot. These mechanisms were time-consuming.

Transition of Mobile Phones

World’s 1st Mobile Phone | Era of 1983-2000 | Oldest Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have solved the problem of maintaining contact with each other everywhere in the world. The networking system of mobile phones is getting developed day by day. Mobile phone is mainly wireless mediums that can receive calls using the radiofrequency method over the networking area. The main wireless and portable mobile phone devices were officially launched after World War II. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the world’s first mobile phone which was launched on 21st September 1983.

This Motorola DynaTAC 8000X had some limited features at that time. The longevity of the battery of this phone was 8 hours. Through this phone one could talk for 30 minutes at a time. It also had a LED display for showing the dialing numbers or the recall system. The price of this mobile was $3,995 in 1983.

In 1989, Motorola launched the 2nd edition of the previous version of Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. The new version was named 9800X or MicroTAC. This mobile was featured with a new keyboard cover system.

 In 1991, a new feature, the GSM method, was first set up with the version of Orbitel TPU 900. Following this year, Nokia 1011 was officially launched with this feature and the world’s first phone with GSM technology was introduced. These phones were randomly used for business purposes and had a digital display system that was able to show the battery life with numbers and letters.

After that, color graphic technology were added to the mobile phones. In 1997, Siemens brought the S10 model that featured four colors. This device is also the world’s first device that had no external aerial system. Siemens S10 was able to record dialed, received & missed calls of 50 numbers. Again, in 1999, Nokia brought the world’s first WAP technology in this wireless networking. The systems were updating gradually day by day.

Secondary Level Mobile Phones | Era 2001-2010 | Developed Features of Mobile | Internet Revolution technology

In the twenty 1st century, camera photography features were added with the mobile phone. J-SH04 was the world’s first phone with a mobile camera sponsored by Sharp. But this mobile was only confined in Japan. For this reason, this phone could not capture popularity for a long time. In the meantime, Sony Ericsson T68i introduced their camera set mobile that got a lot of popularity in the whole world. From this time onwards, the phone companies started to implement the GPS, MP3 & MP4 media player, MMS, Video calling system, Bluetooth transfer, Memory card, etc. in the phones. 

During these times phones were getting connected with the internet. These mobiles were able to cover the 3G networking system and 2Mbs high speed downloading method. BlackBerry 8100 Pearl was a mobile phone with this facility. After this Sony Ericsson launched the Z1010 model with the front camera, technology and Wi-Fi connection was an attractive feature of this masterpiece.

Touchscreen, swiping, and scrolling system were implemented in The LG Prada phone, which was the first screen sensory phone in the world. But in the meantime, in around 2009, Apple introduces a huge competition for all mobile companies by launching their high definition and MOSFETs touchscreen mobile iPhone 1st generation. From this time mobile application technology spread in all mobile phones and attracted a huge amount of attention to its users.

Enhancement of Higher Qualities | Era 2011-Present | Smartphone Revolution

The sensory method in the mobile display and the internet service has made mobile phones more modern, attractive, and stylish. Increasing the download speed 2Mbs to 12Mbs, Google Voice recognition method and starting the 4G service into the mobile had made a revolutionary change among the users. But these facilities were confined to the 11 cities of the UK. On the other hand, Apple had already launched its next five editions. In 2016, iPhone 7 Plus debuted with all the combined features in it. At that time, Samsung started to cope up with the competition of this revolution.

Iris scanner, fingerprint lock, hard security system, large & HD mobile display, huge internal space of memory, high definition of front and back camera, android versions, 5G network, Nano SIM technology, etc. are the new and updated features of today’s phone.

Now we are enjoying super-speed net browsing and high definition of gaming technology. Nowadays many brand companies are offering us attractive featured phones at a relatively low price. IPhone 12 Pro, OnePlus 9 pro, Samsung not 20, Vivo v21 are some of the new featured and attractive phones.

From the era of the beginning until now, we are in a changeable world, which is being developed day by day with the help of technology. By the grace of science, we can communicate from a part of the world to another within a few seconds. The revolution of the mobile phone is a great blessing to mankind.

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