Why Is Makeup An Art

July 7, 2021

Almost everyone needs the touch of makeup to enhance the beauty. In this case, makeup can be a necessary element of creating someone to look pretty to prettier. But skin type varies from people to people. If make up is done properly, it can enhance the beauty, however if not, it can have an opposite effect. Sometimes makeup harms our skin too. So it’s important to decide on the correct makeup products and designs for any program.

What Does It Mean by Makeup or Makeover?

There is an English dialogue, “The human eyes reveal the beauty of the beholder.” Each person is beautiful in his/her place. God has made human beings the best creature in the world. So each of them is a source of beauty. But you can say makeup is a medium to make this beauty looks gorgeous and glamorous. It is a type of art also. The motto of makeup is to cover your flaws and enhance the beauty of the face perfectly. You can become attractive by using a little touch of makeup.

Who doesn’t love cosmetics and makeup? It is not always true that people only do makeup just to show off to others. Doing perfect makeup makes someone stay confident. A kind of beautiful decoration is a technique of skills and hands. However, due to the lack of knowledge and skills, many people cannot decorate themselves beautifully.

Steps for Makeup

Some Prerequisites for Makeup | Terms & Conditions of Perfect Makeup

For getting a good and pretty makeup look, you need to make your skin makeup friendly. Some important tricks are-

1. You would like to make a beige makeup platform. Yes, it’s essential. Your skin has to do cleansing, toning, and moisturizing before starting makeup. A smooth beige is compulsory for makeup.

2. Primer is crucial for this. Primer also helps makeup to form it last longer. You can use a moisturizer primer if you like. It doesn’t have to use an additional moisturizer.

3. A full-face coverage concealer is required over a foundation. The concealer must be compatible with the skin tone. The concealer should apply only to the dark circle or spot areas on your face. You ought to blend it well.

4. Then you’ve got to brush the entire face with make-up to use the makeup properly. No need for cream contouring and highlighting unless you have got heavy makeup.

Now your skin is prepared to use any kind of makeup looks. If you would like, you can apply little blushes or highlighting powder or any liquid highlighter or illuminator.

Main Makeup Part | Makeup in Face, Nose, Eyes, and Lips

Face Makeup:

Dark color counters must use within the lower and side faces to bloom up the form. Then blend it smoothly into the face. It enhances the beauty of face shape and appears natural. You wish to use some light blushes on your checks. It helps to extend the wonder of the face.

Nose Makeup:

It is important to focus on your nose properly. Apply dark color counter two sides of the nose in an exceeding line and blend it with blenders. At that time apply some highlighters at the height point of the nose. It’ll give your nose an ideal shape.

Eye with Eyebrow Makeup:

The eyes are the foremost attractive part of the face. So it’s necessary to embellish with proper makeup. As your face is prepared for makeup, you don’t need to use any kind of extra counter on your eyes. Just apply your favorite color of eye shadows and draw it over the full petal of eyes. Use some eyeliners and draw your eyebrows with a brownies/blackish color of eyebrow drawer or with brushes.

Lips Makeup:

At first, you may want to draw the shape on your lip with the lip-liner. You have the option to use thin brushes to art your lips. If your lips are thin, it’s better to use lip liner on the skin of the lips. Within the case of thick lips, it’s better to art within the inner lips. And within the case of normal lips, you would like to art line at the perimeters of the lips. Then it’s in perfect shape. After that, feel your lips along with your favorite lipstick.

Skin Based Makeup | Makeup for Oily, Normal, and Dry Skin

All of us do not have the same skin type. So different types of makeup styles are necessary for different skin types. There are three types of our skin- Oily, Normal, and Dry Skin.

Normal Skin:

At first, you have to note that your skin is sweating or not? If the normal skin sweats a lot, you need to apply 3-4 of the ice cubes in the “T” zone before makeup. Then it is helpful to apply primer before starting makeup. Those who do not have a primer can apply an oil-free BB cream. This will work as a primer. Foundation should be oil-free for normal skin.

Oily skin:

Oily skin is a type of skin that sweats a lot and the makeup can turn into black shades. To solve this problem, the primary thing is to wash the face well before applying makeup. Then apply 3-4 ice cubes on the full face and rub it gently. The ice helps to close the skin pores.

Then apply astringent toner on the face and apply oil-free cream. The beige makeup of the face must start with the primer so that the makeup will not be black, the makeup will stay for a long time.

Dry Skin:

As dry skin has more dead cells, it is important to scrub the face well before applying make-up. Make a paste with any fruit, rice flour, honey, sugar, and scrub it on the whole face well in the anti-clockwise pattern. This will remove all the dead cells in the mouth and blackheads will go away along with this. After that, you need to wash your face thoroughly with soap or face wash. 

Then apply 3-4 ice cubes on the entire face on the “T” zone of the face for five minutes and rub it properly. Then use a cream that suits your skin. Now start your makeup.

It takes lots of patience and skills to be told to try to do makeup properly. Besides, you’ll be able to make differing types of makeup looks by using your creative knowledge. It is proven that Makeup is an art. So your makeup should be done according to the right rules. Again everyone should be more careful about the selection of branded cosmetics. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your adorable skin. It can even lead to skin cancer. So, we should follow the perfect guidelines for makeup.

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