Why too much sugar is bad

June 5, 2021

Almost all of us like to eat food which are sweet, some people are even considered to be addicted to sweet foods. The main cause of sweetness in food is sugar. Although sugar is a necessary element for body, but taking excess amount of sugar can often harmful for us. For an efficient functioning of the body, we need to tune a right balance of sugar intake. In this article, we will highlight the benefits the main problems of taking excess sugar daily?

What is Sugar? Why is Sugar Harmful for the Human Body?

Sugar is a kind of hydrocarbon in the category of carbohydrates. Again there are a lot of sections in carbohydrates. Disaccharides is one of them and sugar is a kind of Disaccharide. In the structural frame, sugar is in the branch of Sucrose. Mainly sugar is a kind of common sucrose. One molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose, combine to form one molecule of sucrose. 

We all know that glucose is a sugar that mixes directly with the body. Same case is also for fructose. Now the question is why sugar is so harmful, if it is in a combination of glucose and fructose? Recently, scientists have given many interesting facts about sugar. In prehistoric times there was no sugar. Instead, people used honey and sweet fruits. The honey and fruit sugar are broken down into different steps and mixes with the blood as the body needs. Processed sugar or refined sugar is not like that. This sugar is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and reaches the brain directly causing negative effect.

What problems can occur in the body because of taking excess sugar?

Rice, bread, wheat, cereals, fruits, various vegetables — they all contain a lot of sugar. These foods are broken down into glucose after digestion. From glucose, we collect the necessary energy. But in the case of white sugar, it is not the same process. White sugar is sucrose, which does not need to be broken down, as a result it dissolves quickly in the blood, increasing its sugar content.

Our metabolic system cannot handle this sugar. In the past there was no sugar, the source of sugar was grains or fruits and for this reason, the metabolic system did not develop in our body to absorb it properly. The extra sugar then starts to accumulate in the body as a kind of fat (triglyceride). So eating white sugar not only increases weight but it also increases fattiness, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver, and many other problems associated with high cholesterol.

What will happen if you don’t take sugar for 30 days? The Benefits of Not Eating Sugar

If you have not taken sugar for 30 days, it is said that you can save yourself from about 67 diseases including malignant cancer. Of course, our body needs a definite amount of sugar every day but that does not mean we need to take extra white sugar, as we get sugar in different foods that we usually take.

Negative effects of suger

Diabetes: This disease is probably the best known as the harmful effect of sugar. A study of over 901,249 women found that women who drank one glass of drinks with sugar or sugar-related foods a day had a 90% higher risk of diabetes than those who drank only once a month. So it is clear how much the harmful effects of sugar are fallen on our human body.

Cancer: It is found in one study that eating more sugar-related foods increases the risk of cancer. Especially colon cancer and breast cancer. Analysis of the reasons behind this has shown that sugar increases the production of insulin in the body. Insulin is an important catalyst for cell division. And we all know that the abnormal growth of cell division is the main cause of cancer.

Aging and Wrinkles Problem: The effect of taking extra sugar falls on our skin. Eating more sugar increases the chances of getting acne in the face. Again the other skin problems like the excess oil or the allergies sensitivity increase with taking more sugar.

Fatty Liver: One of the functions of the liver is to store sugar in the form of fat. Eating more sugar means accumulating more fat in the body. This condition is called the fatty liver. Now you must understand that sugar will damage all the important functions of the liver. So all of us should be more careful with excess sugar intake.

Decay of Teeth: Excessive sugar consumption can damage teeth. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating too much sugar kills the beneficial bacteria in the mouth. Again it leads to tooth decay and reduced tooth brightness.

Exhaustion Depression:If blood sugar is stored in the blood cell, it decreases the amount of dopamine and OPM in the brain. This causes depression in the body.

In addition to these problems, the effect of sugar on the body causes various kinds of other complications. So if you stop eating sugar for a month, the risk of all these problems in your body will be reduced largely.

If you gradually reduce your sugar-eating habits, you can ultimately give it up completely within 30 days. Those who are addicted to sugar, it is difficult to give it up but not impossible.

So we should make a commitment and willpower to gradually give up the habit of excess sugar intake and live a healthy, beautiful, and happy life.

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